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The Waterstone and the Black Coral Heart

Book Four in the Sorcet Chronicles

by Stephen Morrill

SORCET CHRONICLES is a heroic fantasy book series set on the world of Tessene and featuring Sorcet, a deru or sorcerer of the Gray Guild. The narrator, Tachi, Sorcet's faithful taidar, is sworn to die for — or at the command of — Sorcet as she strives to close the portals to other worlds.


Tachi and Sorcet travel to the forbidding Mount Orboros and face the mysterious Earther who plans to take over all of Tessene in his mad schemes. Having closed the Waterstone portal, they sail into the Great Sea and to the island from which Sorcet came, and face the ultimate power in the creature who created the portals.

Here are ten sample chapters. Questions, comments to: steve@stephenmorrill.com


Still working on this one. Probably be ready by March, 2015. Or sooner.




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