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Book One: The Firestone

Tachi and Caitlin explore a cave on Earth and are sucked into the world of Tessene and into slavery in an insect nest. They survive that and some mysterious assassination attempts, learn their way around the island continent of Land, get trained in sword and sorcery, and meet and help Sorcet to close the very portal through which they came to Tessene.
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Book Two: The Emeraldstone

Despite assassination attempts upon Tachi fostered by a renegade Gray Guild deru, Tachi and Sorcet, and Tachi's adopted 'sister' Leafe, instigate a war and rebellion in order to penetrate to the heart of a hostile warlord and close the portal beneath his fortress.
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Book Three: The Sandstone

Tachi, Leafe, Dag and Sorcet travel to the hot and hostile eastern desert and talk the local tribespeople there into helping them overcome a gang of bandits controlled by a renegade deru, in order to close the Sandstone portal.
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Book Four: The Waterstone and the Black Coral Heart

Tachi and Sorcet travel to the forbidding Mount Orboros and face the mysterious Earther who plans to take over all of Tessene in his mad schemes. Having closed the Waterstone portal, they sail into the Great Sea and to the island from which Sorcet came, and face the ultimate power in the creature who created the portals.
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SORCET CHRONICLES is a heroic fantasy book series set on the world of Tessene and featuring Sorcet, a deru or sorcerer of the Gray Guild. The narrator, Tachi, Sorcet's faithful taidar, is sworn to die for — or at the command of — Sorcet as she strives to close the portals to other worlds.




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