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Oh, gosh. I have to talk about myself? The horror! The horror!

I've been a full-time nonfiction writer since 1984. I've written several nonfiction books including travel guides to Florida, a truckload of magazine and news service articles, and done a lot of internal work for corporations. Along the way I have edited several magazines. To review my nonfiction, see StephenMorrill.com

Recently I started the Sorcet Chronicles series of heroic fantasy. There are currently four books and I plan to write more.

This web site and associated social media exist so that I can get your feedback. Send advice, comments, noted errors to me at: Steve@StephenMorrill.com

I remain an active nonfiction writer too.

I live in Tampa, Florida, USA. When I'm not writing, I'm usually out sailing in the Gulf of Mexico or canoeing in the swamps.


SORCET CHRONICLES is a heroic fantasy book series set on the world of Tessene and featuring Sorcet, a deru or sorcerer of the Gray Guild. The narrator, Tachi, Sorcet's faithful taidar, is sworn to die for — or at the command of — Sorcet as she strives to close the portals to other worlds.




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